Hello, sangha!

Zen Buddhism teaches us that change is inevitable, and Empty Field Zendo has had the opportunity to embrace — to turn to rather than away from — these changes prompted by the pandemic.

We’ve always had a contingent of long-distance members who joined us for sesshin (multi-day retreats), so moving our practice online offered them the chance to participate more fully. Other members moved out of the Houston-Clear Lake area. Most recently, our meeting space so generously donated by Taylor Chiropractic for many years is no longer available due to changes in Dr. Taylor’s practice.

As a result of these events, Empty Field Zendo has transitioned to an online sangha. We continue to offer zazen several days a week.

All are welcome to join.

About this site

As we all are whether we recognize it or not, the Empty Field site is in a transition period. Check back regularly for updates.