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Empty Field offers meditation retreats of varying lengths, giving participants the opportunity to explore meditation at their own pace.

Half-day retreats, called Zazenkai, involve approximately 6 hours of silent sitting and walking meditation, with breaks for refreshment and rest. We also listen to an encouragement talk, and offer an opportunity for daisan (a brief interview between retreatant and dharma holder). Half-day retreats offer a wonderful opportunity to cultivate silence and awareness in the midst of busy lives.

Multi-day retreats, called Sesshin, offer a more intensive experience. The first day begins with a communal, social dinner, after which the retreatants begin the practice of silence. Sitting and walking meditation commences after dinner, and continues through the rest of the retreat, with meal, snack, work, and rest periods (also silent). The last day finishes with an optional, social lunch. The retreat is led by a Roshi (Zen master), who gives dharma talks and is available for daisan.

A householder sesshin offers a similar intensive experience, but retreatants return home or to their private hotel room for their night’s rest. This type of retreat can be shorter in duration, and the days are typically not as long as for a residential retreat. The retreat is led by the Dharma Holder (teacher in training) or Practice Leader; a dharma talk is provided by a Roshi, and daisan is offered by the Dharma Holder.

DateLengthLocationCostSign Up / RSVP
Feb 7-9, 2020Householder retreat
3-day: 6:30 PM Friday to noon Sunday
1322 Space Park Dr.Registration Fee: $20 donation suggested